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I’m a passionate multilingual and multicultural Travelling Winemaker with interdisciplinary thinking. I don’t commit with project I don’t fall in love with! I’ve fermented 56 varieties in both hemispheres during my 21 vintages of experience in 7 countries.

Main approaches
- Terroir: identification, grape management & tasting
- Winemaking: press-cut, production, blending, bottling. (Red, white, rosé, still and sparkling, fortified, vermouth, grappa, liquors)
- SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures)
- Workflow Quality & Cost/Efficiency
- Experimental trials
- Interdisciplinary Thinking & Creativity
- High Achievement Team Culture - High Impact Actions
- Emotional Intelligence
- Sustainable Thinking

I’m proud to have Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Cultural mentors.


Salvatore, Winemaker & Founder

I’m an Italian Consultant Winemaker with 15 years, 21 vintages of experience in 7 countries and travels in 17.

I’ve fermented 56 varieties of grapes in both hemispheres; old world and new world: hot, hot-dry, cold-temperate climates. I worked in wineries producing from 30.000 to 25 million bottles per year.

My family has been growing vines and olives trees for 3 generations in Sicily, south of Italy. I fell in love with wine on my first wine tasting at school when I was 16 and made my first wine at 17.

I commenced studying Winemaking in 1996 with 13 years at the famous 155 years old Agrarian Institute of Marsala - Sicily. The unconventional teachers of this school are Winemakers, Viticulturists and winery owners still operating in the industry. Those teachers changed my life...

After this 6 years Diploma I wanted to go deeper by studying Winemaking at the University. Winning two scholarships allowed me to start travelling, learn languages and work-study for two years in La Rioja - Spain and Santiago de Chile. In the mean time I was the junior consultant for 5 wineries in Sicily with two well known Sicilian Consultants Winemakers: Nicola Centonze and Vincenzo Bambina.

I worked for a number of important brands around the world including the biggest multinational companies in the wine and spirits industry such as: Pernod Ricard and Constellation Wines. In the last 4 years I worked for one of the most awarded wine company in Argentina, Bodega Familia Zuccardi, before becoming a consultant and accepting the challenge of making wine in England.

I implemented and codified processes, (SOP’s), and managed “press cuts” for Nyetimber in Sussex, and been Head Winemaker for Knightor in Cornwall.